The Origin of Online Casinos

Since the introduction of the internet, more and more establishments have become digital and casinos are no exception. Triggered by the 1994 Free Trade and Processing Act in the Caribbean which facilitated online gaming licences across the world, online gaming was born with software companies racing to develop the first fully-functioning online casino website. In addition, software that enabled fast and safe online money transactions contributed to the development of online casinos as we recognise them today. How to set up an online casino has not, however, always been smooth sailing throughout the years.

Early online casinos had glitches and slow dial-up speeds led to frustrations, however, improvements in software development soon led to higher quality experiences with the introduction of more games, better features and higher bonuses. For example, casinos began to offer welcome bonuses and include multi-player games. A wider variety of games meant consumers had a better chance of finding their favourites online. Themed games such as slots began to grow in popularity and variations of well-known favourites became more realistic. The increase in use of mobile phone technology also meant that app versions became more readily available from 2012. Casinos have new developed sophisticated online games available on apps for android and iOS as well as the main website which mean users can experience the full gaming experience they would enjoy in a live casino from anywhere in the world.

Easy and quick access to online games has transformed the face of casino use. Software that can facilitate a live dealer means that recent games are even more similar to playing poker in a casino in the flesh. In many ways, the advance of gaming technology means that casino users can better integrate their games with less disruption to their daily lives: a five minute game on the mobile at lunch allows players to pack more into their day than having to travel to and from a live casino.