Online Poker

Getting into online poker is really easy. Poker is just poker, right? Well actually that’s not entirely true since there are many different types of poker, which all play the same hands, have different ways to make them and several rule variations. For a beginner, it can be daunting enough, without all of the new ways to play that the internet has allowed popular poker sites to introduce.

Rush/Zoom Games

Popular poker sites have introduced these tables to offer the player a fast paced way to play hundreds of hands in a short time period. They might take the novice player a little getting used to but anyone who enjoys ring games and doesn’t like waiting too long for their next hand will enjoy these.


Players who like something a little slower paced will probably be more interested in tournaments. They come in several different varieties, and most sites hold several all at once. Depending how many players have entered, the tournament can take a while, so it’s best to avoid starting one just before work or bed.

Ring games

These are played much the same way as they would be in real life, great if you don’t have time for a tournament and/or want an alternative to the zoom/rush games.