How to set up an online casino

Starting an online casino requires many objects of consideration, some of these rather expensive and involved and some may require the advice of a good law firm. You can choose good a firm such as GTG Advocates, since there’ll be several legal (and some non-legal) issues to be aware of.


The first of those legal issues is obtaining a licence to run the casino. Many jurisdictions have different requirements and deciding which one to operate under is an important decision. Licensing has a significant effect on the way an online casino is operated due to the differing factors between the jurisdictions.


Marketing a casino is essential and many people are going to choose the easiest and most cost efficient way to get word of their casino out into the world. But the way products and services are advertised are always changing and when setting up a casino it’s important to research every possible avenue.

Payment Methods

Offering a lots of different payment methods is attractive to customers and there are a huge range of them available now, including credit card merchants, Paypal and similar services, prepaid cards and wire transfer. However some of these methods are not free to use.

Online Casino Software

The backbone of any online casino is the software that’s used to run it. Depending which is used decides which games are available on the site, how it runs and its appearance (to an extent). It’s important to take an in depth look at the various providers of software available.