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The Origin of Online Casinos

Since the introduction of the internet, more and more establishments have become digital and casinos are no exception. Triggered by the 1994 Free Trade and Processing Act in the Caribbean which facilitated online gaming licences across the world, online gaming was born with software companies racing to develop the first fully-functioning online casino website. In addition, software that enabled fast and safe online money transactions contributed to the development of online casinos as we recognise them today. How to set up an online casino has not, however, always been smooth sailing throughout the years.

Early online casinos had glitches and slow dial-up speeds led to frustrations, however, improvements in software development soon led to higher quality experiences with the introduction of more games, better features and higher bonuses. For example, casinos began to offer welcome bonuses and include multi-player games. A wider variety of games meant consumers had a better chance of finding their favourites online. Themed games such as slots began to grow in popularity and variations of well-known favourites became more realistic. The increase in use of mobile phone technology also meant that app versions became more readily available from 2012. Casinos have new developed sophisticated online games available on apps for android and iOS as well as the main website which mean users can experience the full gaming experience they would enjoy in a live casino from anywhere in the world.

Easy and quick access to online games has transformed the face of casino use. Software that can facilitate a live dealer means that recent games are even more similar to playing poker in a casino in the flesh. In many ways, the advance of gaming technology means that casino users can better integrate their games with less disruption to their daily lives: a five minute game on the mobile at lunch allows players to pack more into their day than having to travel to and from a live casino.

Treasure Nile Slot Review

Slots have become an extremely popular online casino game, and there are a multitude of variations to choose from. Rainbow Riches, Butterfly Staxx, and Jurassic World to name just a few.

Treasure Nile is a casino slot that is simple and easy to play. Due to its easy to understand basics, it is one of the best games for beginners and anyone who would love to try their hand at a slot. The game is based on the ancient Egyptian concept complete with symbols of artifacts from its rich history.

Ancient Egypt theme

This game is unique with a simple style and a brightly coloured background. All the themes in the game are inspired by Egyptian history. When you think about ancient Egypt, you will be reminded of Pyramids, The Sphinx, Ancient scrolls, Cobras, King Tut, and many more symbols of artifacts.

Desert Features

This game is a five-reel slot and offers nine fixed paylines. The pyramid symbol during the sunset is the wild symbol that can substitute a normal symbol to offer a winning payline. The scarab beetle acts as the scatter symbol. A player is offered a scatter bonus whenever he attains three or more of the scatter symbols.

Minimum and Maximum progressive jackpots

This game starts with a minimum of 40,000 points as the jackpot. The jackpot is progressive in that the total increases every time a player attains these points. The game does not have any upper limit. If a player places the maximum bet, he can hit the jackpot by getting the five King Tut symbols at the ninth payline.

This game is simple and easy to play. It does not have any bonuses but has quite a good payout. It has no free spins or wild multipliers. It might be too easy for more seasoned players but is a good starting point for beginners.

How to set up an online casino

Starting an online casino requires many objects of consideration, some of these rather expensive and involved and some may require the advice of a good law firm. You can choose good a firm such as GTG Advocates, since there’ll be several legal (and some non-legal) issues to be aware of.


The first of those legal issues is obtaining a licence to run the casino. Many jurisdictions have different requirements and deciding which one to operate under is an important decision. Licensing has a significant effect on the way an online casino is operated due to the differing factors between the jurisdictions.


Marketing a casino is essential and many people are going to choose the easiest and most cost efficient way to get word of their casino out into the world. But the way products and services are advertised are always changing and when setting up a casino it’s important to research every possible avenue.

Payment Methods

Offering a lots of different payment methods is attractive to customers and there are a huge range of them available now, including credit card merchants, Paypal and similar services, prepaid cards and wire transfer. However some of these methods are not free to use.

Online Casino Software

The backbone of any online casino is the software that’s used to run it. Depending which is used decides which games are available on the site, how it runs and its appearance (to an extent). It’s important to take an in depth look at the various providers of software available.

How to Get Started With Online Gaming

Millions of people all around the world are signing up to play games from their smart phones, tablets and computers. Online gaming means that can enjoy the thrill of the casino without even having to leave your own home. With so many different online gaming websites out there, it can be tough to know who to choose and how to get started. We provide some simple tips that will help you to get started with online gaming in no time.

The first step is to do your research into the biggest online casinos around and identify the games you are wanting to play. Are you looking to play in Poker tournaments or are you more of a slot machine player? Do you love playing Bingo or are you better at Blackjack? Several of the online casinos will specialize in certain gaming areas – so it’s best to have a quick search and find out what would be best suited to you.

The next step is to sign up; all of the major online gaming centers make it easy to join. You will have to enter you personal details, provide that you are over the legal gambling age of your state or country, and provide valid bank details so that you can make your first deposit. Once your account has been cleared you will be taken to the cashier page where you can transfer money from your account into the gaming system and start playing straight away. Good luck!