3 Fun Online Casino Games to Try

There is a game for everyone. If you look carefully, there are many online games that you can choose from. Contrary to perception, online casino games do not even need to be about gambling. There are many games that are highly developed, engaging, and fun for which you don’t need to pay.

Although the games we write about are not a perfect fit for everyone, they are definitely worth trying out. Here are three online casino games that we feel you will enjoy immensely, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, check out Best Web Casinos for some advice on finding the perfect game for you.


This is the classic online game. It is unlikely that there is any single online casino that does not offer poker. Developed in the 17th century, poker has evolved into a family game over years. Business magnates such as Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, as well as ordinary farmers in deep rural villages have played poker in any of its forms.

Book of Ra

This is a casino game by provider Novomatic that is more elaborate than poker. The game has a modern gaming engine running it. The result is a slot game that can be classified as a video slot, with the gaming properties of a video game. The game has a theme and a storyline, making it more engaging for players who don’t like abstract games like poker.


The third game that is worth trying is Cleopatra. The game is designed after the goddess who is a subject of many mythical stories. The game appeals to people who love mythology. Like Book of Ra, theme of the game is heavy throughout and gameplay is almost like playing a video game on a console.

The best games, however, are the ones that you will enjoy playing. Go out there and find them.